Posted: October 18th, 2018

Hilton Hotel first phase opens

The undivided support of the shareholders to ensure that the multi-million kina Hilton Hotel in Port Moresby is open in time for APEC has been praised by Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC) managing director Augustine Mano.

Mr Mano, at a special gala event on Friday evening, praised the shareholders for their undivided support for the project, with MRDC resolved to not take failure as an option because of its faith in the potential of the country.

The evening was special for all landowners in the MRDC Group, and according to Mr Mano, it was a night to celebrate triumph over great adversary.

“Risk becoming the risk takers, dreams becomes a reality and above all, true partnership between the state and landowners in the spirit of entrepreneurship ultimately contributing towards nation building,”Mr Mano said.

The Star Mountain Plaza is a multi-stage development and the first phase consists of a 16-storEy Hilton Hotel with 212 rooms, 46 suites, 2 penthouses, executive club floor, three world class restaurants and also includes two four-storey buildings including the Kutubu Convention Centre and the 441 car park building.

“The construction took three years to complete and saw the employment of 1000 people including 600 nationals who were employed with skills transferrable during the construction phase.”

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said this project was a true testament of public-private partnership.

The Prime Minister stressed it is a landowner investment in its own right, investing in their future and for their children to come.

“Oil and gas play a vital part in our economy and we should continue to grow and develop in infrastructures and by investing in tourism and other sectors like agriculture,” O’Neill said.

“Hilton Hotel and the Star Mountain Plaza will be seen as a national pride, it shows that we can do it and achieve results.”


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