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Posted: August 9th, 2017

Landmark PNG Landscaping Project Begins

A HOTEL in Port Moresby has begun a landscaping project to display the country’s natural flora to world leaders who will be attending the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) forum next year.
Star Mountain Plaza public relations personnel Mark Devlin said in a statement that more than 12,000 samples of the country’s flora would be planted.

He said the construction of the hotel should be completed ahead of the summit.

Landscape architect Louise Dunning said the project was designed to create a rainforest oasis.

“Our aim is to showcase the nation’s rich natural flora in the middle of Port Moresby to world leaders, business leaders and other international visitors for years to come,” Dunning said.
“When completed, we will have created a landmark design which will showcase the rich, natural ecosystem of Papua New Guinea to thousands of visitors who may not get a chance to venture beyond the city area.

“The concept integrates local patterns and design into paving and concrete with PNG’s environment coming through in elements such as water features which take visitors on a journey through mountains out to sea.”

Dunning said they had spent months of research and planning, and chose the plants with local nurseries growing thousands of shrubs and trees.

“We travelled to areas such as Lake Kutubu to seek inspiration from locals on natural landscapes, endemic species and traditional methods of building and craftsmanship,” Dunning said.

“Locals have been and are involved in all aspects of the project since inception.”

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