Posted: November 6th, 2017

Staff get free eye treatment

LOCAL employees at the new Star Mountain Plaza Hotel in Port Moresby have received free eye check-ups under a charitable initiative organised by the hotel’s management, says an official.

Augustine Mano, from Star Mountain Plaza, said the tests, run by optometrists at the Pacific International Hospital, was part of an onsite screening programme which examined 136 workers.

“The free healthcare programme funded by Star Mountain Plaza Ltd in Port Moresby found that 46 per cent of the employees had sub-standard vision,” he said.

“Almost half of those screened had eye conditions, with 46 per cent of them needing glasses.

“A smaller number were referred to an ophthalmologist for more specialised treatment.”

Mano said the feedback from workers who had been part of the screening was encouraging.

“We developed this preventative healthcare programme to ensure that our employees had access to the best screening and treatment available,” he said.

“Many of our colleagues had a condition they were completely unaware of and the diagnosis has giving us the opportunity to restore their full vision.

“Each worker identified with poor eyesight has now been provided with free prescription lenses and safety glasses to enhance both their vision and quality of life.”

A second stage of the programme will see nominated family members of the employees screened by optometrists.

“We have also made the free screening available to the families of our employees,” Mano said.

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